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New Landing Page for some users

One of the most important goals for a learning platform is to give the users a good overview of “What’s new?” and “What’s coming up?”..
The new home page with the live Stream does exactly that. It gives users an overview of the latest changes and bulletins from courses they are members of, list of tasks that need to be completed and upcoming events or bookings in the calendar.

Some schools have decided to switch staff from landing on the School Dashboard to the Home Page. You can still access your staff area by clicking on Groups and then clicking on the name of your school. Alternatively click Courses and select Staff Area from the list.

Any problems or questions contact Alissa Ozouf:
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17/02/2017 08:24

Cool Tools and Top Tips from the Luton ICT Team

The Cool Tools and Top Tips Blog has a new post - to Cool Sounds. Visit the Luton Teachers Area to find the link to the Blog.

17/02/2017 08:15

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