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NEW: 1st September 2017 - Emails

Welcome to the start of the new term.

If you are not seeing the Office 365 icon please follow the steps below.

1) Log out of the platform and clear the cache in the browser you were using. Click here for instructions. If you use different browsers to log into the Learning Platform on the same machine I would suggest clearing the cache in each browser.

2) Close the browser and then re-open it and log back into the platform. Check if the Office 365 icon is back.

3) If it still isn't there wait about 30 minutes and try again. If it still isn't there send a Message to Alissa Ozouf by clicking on the speech bubble next to your name. Click new and then start typing in my name in the box where is says Add people, courses ... Alternatively send a text to 07841752561 with your name and username.

Please note if you are accessing your emails through a third party email client e.g. on your mobile phone, iPad or through Outlook on your computer make sure you are using the password that you use for your Learning Platform account.

01/09/2017 09:27

Coming soon ...

We have been busy updating content on the Learning Platform over the holidays and Monday 4th September will see the launch of the new Luton Primary Area which will replace the current Luton Teachers Area.

01/09/2017 00:10

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