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Watch the Birdie 2014

UPDATE - Watch the Birdie 2014!

For those of you watching or about to watch developments in the blue tit nest, things are going very well. Over the past week six eggs have been laid and yesterday Bonnie started incubating. This means in about a couple of weeks we could have some hatchings. The male is starting to feed her too. An exciting time ahead!

Go to the Luton Teachers Area for more information and find the course titled 'The Luton - Watch the Birdie 2014!' if you haven't already had a look. There are links to a variety of different pages including a blog, video clips, links to useful webpages and more, all of which you can add to your own Year Group Area. If you need help adding them to your own course drop Alissa an email

It's time to get coding

To mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web by the UK's ultimate coder Tim Berners-Lee it's time to get coding.

Throughout this week, 3th - 9th March, we are encouraging pupils, teachers and parents to learn to code in just one hour.

Visit the Luton Teachers Area to find out more or click here to go straight to the UK Code website to find out more.

SkyDrive has had a name change

SkyDrive has now officially been renamed to OneDrive by Microsoft.

The switch to OneDrive won't affect current SkyDrive users' accounts. Files remain backed up in the cloud and you can still access the Office Web Apps. But users will now be find playback on shared videos much better. OneDrive now detects the speed of the viewer's connection and encode the video accordingly.

If you had the SkyDrive apps you might have already noticed the switch of the name. Desktop Windows and other software that has the SkyDrive name embedded within in – such as Office – will take a bit longer to complete the transition but you should see the changes around the middle of March.

Visit the Luton Teachers Area to find out the reason for the change to the name.